Clubs and Sports

Talent development is part of human development.

Students playing volleyball at the field These students are exploiting their talents in music. They participate in music festival

Students at the school take part in many extracurricular activities apart from the normal class work.
The talent development that students undergo is meant to:

  • Develop the talent potentials of young people by assessing strengths; providing enrichment opportunities, resources, and services; and using a flexible approach to curricular differentiation and the use of school time.
  • Improve the academic performance of all students and to blend standard curriculum activities with meaningful enrichment learning.
  • Promote continuous, reflective, professional growth that allows staff members to emerge as leaders in curriculum, staff development, program planning, etc.
  • Create a learning community that honors ethnic, gender, and cultural diversity, and promotes respect, democratic principles, and the preservation of the earth's resources.
  • Implement a school culture that includes decision-making opportunities for students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

The many clubs, Sports and organizations at Sacho High School reflect our students’ wide range of interests and talents. Participating in these organizations provides a great opportunity for personal growth and bonding with other students through mutual interests.

The school has adequate facilities to cater for the academic and co-curricula needs of the students. Some of these facilities include a spacious library, 3 Science Laboratories, a Computer Laboratory, a Music Room, a Home Science Laboratory and an ultra- modern swimming pool.

Student at the Library The Ultra Modern Swimming Pool Students participating in a music festival

With the above facilities, students get exposed to a variety of activities and organizations that are available for students at the school.