The examinations department is a very important department in any learning institution. The department mainly deals with curriculum evaluation. Curriculum evaluation is the judgment teachers make regarding learners learning attainment based on knowledge gained and mastery of learning objectives in formal examination settings. Curriculum evaluation provides important feedback on learning outcomes.
The examinations department in our school was de-linked from the Director of Studies’ office in early 2009 in line with the school’s Strategic Plan. The department is made up of five members; four class teachers from each form and the Head of Department. The department is responsible for the coordination and scheduling of examinations, administration, analysis and release of results.
The students are tested in full papers at all levels. The students in Forms One, Two and Three sit for three complete papers every term up to the first term of Form Four. These exams are scheduled in series throughout the term and are referred to as Series Exams. The form four students sit for four complete pre-KCSE examinations; one in Term One, two in Term Two and one in Term Three.
All the exams administered in the school are thoroughly analysed and the results officially released in an academic assembly presided over by the Principal. The results for the Series Exams are always released before the next Series begin. The analysis shows the deviation of the students and appropriate action taken.
The department has also established collaborative evaluation partnerships and exchange networks with other high achieving schools where joint exams are done or examination papers exchanged.
The department has been very successful in its first year of operation due to the high level of teamwork amongst its members in line with the school’s core values of Professional integrity, commitment and Christian principles. The department endeavours to professionally evaluate learning outcomes with a focus on benefiting students and thus support them to learn more effectively, so that they can take this country to vision 2030 and beyond and also make the world a better place for mankind.

Head of Department