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The department is made up of six members of the teaching staff (three males and three females) of all ages ranging from the young, middle to old; to meet the various needs of the students. The department has revived the peer counsellors’ programme and is committed to contributing to the creation of a conducive educational environment for excellent performance It strives to develop an all-round student in academic life and character formation and to this end it carries out the following programmes:-

  1. Guidance and counselling sessions on personal issues which are treated confidentially. It also deals with academic issues as well as discussing the way forward for students who have had cases of indiscipline. The message given to students constantly is that we are all special in God’s eyes and so positive self-image is key to success. We are all created for a purpose and so we should strive for excellence in all areas of our life. The department has continued to register success in these areas and we thank God for it.
  2. The department exposes students to life issues through showing K.I.E Video tapes on student pregnancies, drug abuse, abortion, H.IV./Aids, peer pressure and parent-teenage conflicts. Emphasis is laid on what can be learned from the mistakes of others and hence the need to avoid getting into them. “There is time for everything. Now it is commitment to studies and other things will follow at the right time and in the right place. Patience pays!”
  3. Resource persons including teachers as well as external speakers are used to motivate the students.
  4. Parent – teachers programme for the whole school has been established. The small family units bring teachers and their children closer and in this way the parent – teacher is able to help his or her children on personal issues as well as be able to track their academic performance and ensure they are disciplined.
  5. Plans are under-way to purchase motivational books which include the ‘Gifted Hands’, ‘Think Big’ and ‘The Big Picture’ by Ben Carson.

All the above programmes are carried out with one aim in mind to prepare responsible, successful students and future citizens of Kenya and the world.
May God help us all as we continue to under-take this noble task to the Glory of God.

Mrs Mary G. Taiwa,
Senior Head of Department