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The Languages Department is composed of two compulsory subjects. These are English and Kiswahili. English has a staff establishment of five teachers and Kiswahili four.
The book ratio in the department is 1:2. This ratio is expected to be improved in the near future to a ratio of 1:1. Apart from class texts, there other copies of supplementary texts (Reference and Revision books) at the disposal of students to use in adding value to what is gained from the main texts.
The department aspires to keep on improving the performance in the national examination to reach the much adored grade A. This will translate into overall excellent grade for the individual candidate and the school at large.
Various measures have been put in place to achieve better results. These include:

  • Organizing internal and external symposia with other schools to discuss and share ideas on areas already tackled in class.
  • Use of Kenya National Examinations Council examiners to advise the learners of the expectations of the examination in each paper.
  • Invitation of theatre groups for live performances of Literature in English and Fasihi ya Kiswahili set books.
  • Encouraging learners to read extensively.
  • Emphasis on correct spoken and written language.
  • Early completion of the syllabus work to allow for more time to do revision in preparation for the KCSE examinations.

It is expected that with concerted efforts of all members of the department, students, the school administration and Almighty God giving us strength, success will be ours for the taking.

Mr. E. Simiyu
Head of Department