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The Science Department has a workforce of ten teachers and two Laboratory Assistants. The department has three compulsory subjects namely; Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
The department is endowed with three laboratories fully equipped with modern equipments and apparatus for quality delivery of the curriculum function. Each class has a weekly practical session facilitated by worksheets developed by the teachers.
To enhance the teaching and learning of Biology, the department has a fish pond and a rabbit hutch. Furthermore, each subject has a student textbook ratio of 1:1 in addition to the assorted reference materials in the school library.
The department enjoys three special days in every calendar year namely; The Ecology field trip for candidates; SASCIMA contest which involves students from other schools and the Science Day for all the students to expose and share science talks and exhibits in preparation for the Students Congress on Science and Technology.
As Watson and Crick said on discovering the DNA molecule ‘‘a molecule this pretty had to exist’’ I would also wish to say ‘‘a department this pretty had to exist’’ to roll out competent Scientists for vision 2030.

Head of Department