The department comprises of three subjects namely History, Geography and Christian Religious Education. There is a working force of seven teachers. All the subjects are compulsory in form one and two. Students choose any one out of the three at the end of form two to be examined at KCSE level. The three subjects offer students some kind of relaxation from the complex theories and formulas by bringing them down to an interaction with nature and creation (Geography), Familiarization with social, cultural and political issues (History) and most of all they get connected to the Creator of nature and Controller of History in the study of C.R.E.
The subjects are generally interactive, engaging students in lots discussions, arguments and exchange of views. It is during such lessons that students’ personalities and social skills are developed and nurtured to their full potential.
They are popularly known as booster subjects as they contribute significantly to the school’s mean grade. All subjects are usually well performed with an average mean of 10.00
We are working at strengthening the department to attain higher standards through:

  • Guiding students to choose subjects objectively
  • Providing career guidance and counselling
  • Exposing them to highly productive study techniques
  • Invitation of KNEC examiners to guide them on question answering techniques

Mr. Amos Kimani
H.O.D. Humanities