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The Department is made up of the Technical and Creative Arts subjects namely; Home Science, Agriculture, Computer Studies, French, Business Studies and Music.
These subjects fall under Group 4 and Group 5 subjects categories. The group 4 subjects (Technicals) are Home Science, Agriculture and Computer Studies while group 5 subjects (Creative Arts) are Music, French and Business Studies
Two of the subjects; one from group 4 and one from group 5 are chosen in Form One. At the end of form two second term, the students opt for one of the two which will be examined at the K.C.S.E level.
The department has seven members of staff. In terms of facilities, the departments are fairly equipped. There is a book ratio of 2: 1; though there are plans to increase this to 1:1. The Agriculture students use the school farm for their Practical studies.
The performance has been good as seen in the K.C.S.E results. This indicates a positive improvement of the performance index in the subjects. In addition, the student acquires practical skills and learned art which will help them in their day to day life.

The department is ambitious and dynamic as it tries to be in line with the current Global trends. Computer Studies is being expanded to cater for all the students in the school. Therefore the subjects offered lay the foundation for the Socio- economic development of the society today and in the future. Our motto: To remain focused and develop a responsible person in the society.