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The school has adequate facilities boarding facilities. The Department provides boarding services to the students to enable them pursue their studies in an environment that is conducive.
There is adequate accommodation for boys and girls. In the boys’ dormitories, the bed-space is for up to six occupants per room. In the girls’ dormitories, each room has two occupants. Students are distributed to four houses (Elgon, Kilimanjaro, Longonot, and Ruwenzori) each of which has a house master and a house mistress.
Utility services (water and electricity) are very reliable. There is a standby generator in case of any unavoidable interruption of mains power supply.
Quality meals of a balanced diet are provided. The family method of serving is used, whereby members of a particular class sit at the same table.

High standards of sanitation and health are maintained. Cases of illness are promptly attended to by the medical personnel (a clinical officer and a nurse) at the school’s sanatorium.
For efficiency in the operations of the department, there are various sections which deal with specific issues. These include Catering, Hospitality and Dining Hall, Repairs and Maintenance, Boys’ Affairs, Girls’ Affairs and Sanitation and Hygiene.
The staff (teaching and non- teaching) in the various areas are dedicated and do their best in line with the departmental spirit of “making students feel home away from home”.

Mr. Ezekiel Kibowen
Senior Head of Department