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Books being a window to the world, this department is charged with the responsibility of providing information to the students, teachers and the community through books and other forms of Literature.
Our motto being ‘Reading is Knowledge’ we are responsible in the development of a healthy reading culture. Since it is inception in1986, the library has always been manned by trained personnel who upgrade their knowledge on library issues regularly. The library has a sitting capacity of 120 students with a stock of 11,856 books. About 70% of the materials consist of information relevant to the syllabus. The department has acquired Revision materials from various sources specifically for the use by the form fours during their revision time. To improve on written and spoken language, there are plans to purchase 600 new Kiswahili and English novels.
The school management is concentrating its efforts and resources to the development of the library into an ultra-modern resource centre to meet the current competitive standards. There are plans to acquire computers to be connected to the internet which will enable teachers and students access current information easily.

The school has recently introduced use of ICT and E-learning to facilitate the learning process.

We urge our learners to make good use of the books in the library for more knowledge.

Mr. Daniel  K. Ngetich
Head of Department