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The department has three personnel; the Finance Officer, the Accountant, and the Accounts clerk.
The Finance officer being the head of the department provides advisory services to all elements of the school financial matters. He coordinates all the non teaching staff and act as a link between the teaching staff and the non-teaching staff.
The affairs of the department have been computerized for efficient management and prompt processing of the financial transactions.
The finance department also coordinates the affairs of other sub -departments which include:

The security department has twelve guards headed by the Security Officer who provides advisory services on all security matters.
The Security Officer’s office is based at the school main gate. He coordinates the deployment and patrolling of all guards.

The school runs a canteen adjacent to the school Dining Hall. It sells a variety of goods to both staff and students.
The students are allowed to visit the school canteen at restricted hours.

Besides the Canteen building is an annex run on cafeteria basis. The cafeteria serves staff, students, visitors and community members. It offers a variety of quality meals at affordable rates.

The farm lies on the left hand side of the road as one drives from the main gate. It has a semi-zero grazing unit specializing in the Ayrshire Breed.. The school also has a tree nursery unit located at approximately 800m from the school swimming pool along Koiyorus Road. The school grows and sells variety of tree seed lings. The farm also hosts the CDF sponsored Macadamia project. The farm management has plans to develop a green house project that will deal with horticultural production.

Students entertaining guests during this year’s Kenyatta Day Celebrations at Tenges