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Sacho High School is a four-streamed school that offers the 8 - 4 - 4 system of education with 15 examinable subjects;
  • Compulsory Subjects -
    • English
    • Kiswahili
    • Mathematics
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Chemistry.
  • Humanities (Optional)
    • History and Government
    • Geography and Christian Religious Education.
  • Technicals and Applied (Optional)
    • Home Science, Agriculture
    • Computer Studies
    • French
    • Music
    • Business Studies

The Curriculum Implementation department coordinates all the academic departments in the school. It is in charge of the day to day implementation of the academic curriculum. All the school’s academic programmes are organised by the department in liaison with the concerned persons.
The department coordinates Form One selection and admission and organises placement interviews for students in other forms when necessary.
It also offers guidance and counselling to students on their academic work.

Students who do not perform well are encouraged to work hard and concentrate more on their areas of strength. In some cases, discussions involving individual students, their parents and the teachers may be organised. Remedial classes are organised so as to help the students improve.

At the end of the term, students who fail to attain grade C in Form 1 and 2 are retained so as to be given remedial in Languages, Mathematics and the Sciences. Holiday Remedial Teaching is normally offered to Form 3 and 4 classes during April and August holidays. This has helped us to ensure that we cover the syllabus early. The syllabus coverage is encouraging in all the classes. We are ahead of the schemes in all the subjects right from form one to three. Our aim is to ensure that we cover the entire four years syllabus by the end of Form four first term. This will ensure that there is sufficient time for revision in 2nd and 3rd terms of the final year. This will ultimately lead to improvement in the school’s overall standing in the national merit list for K. C. S. E.

Mr. A.K. Ngeno
Senior Head of Department