Student Life at Sacho high School

From left to right: Normal class studies over the weekend, Students studying at the Library, Students at the biology Laboratory, Students undertaking computer studies.

Music Festivals

Apart from the academic work which is the core reason for students being at Sacho High School, any visitor at any time like a weekend a day at the school would notice that there is alot more to it than just academics. Our students can participate in a multitude of other many co-curricular activities;

Swimming & Field Games

From left, a section of girls volleyball team posses for a photo, in the middle the interclass football champions 2010, on the right is our ultra modern swimming pool.

For those who love swimming, Sacho high School has got a standard swimming pool. Our students participate up to national level in the swimming competion.
Education Trips

Form Four 2010 candidates on an annual trip to Lake Nakuru.
Every year the Form fours are treated with a trip to Lake Nakuru as KCSE examinations approach.

Baptism and Form Fours Prayer day

Every year all students who qualify for baptism classes get to be baptised by our chaplaincy department.
We also hold annual prayer day for our KCSE candidates.

Annual Prefects' retreat and training.

The school realizes the important role the prefects play. In reward, outgoing prefects are are sponsered for an annual retreat outside school while the new prefects are taken through a seminar training to gain skills before they start their leadershiip.

From left, a section of prefects 2009 treated for a trip to Lake Bogoria.

  • School registered Clubs associations
  • Play music Festivals
  • Enjoy academic trips outside the school