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This is an innovative club that was established about four years ago. It is the prime opportunity for Sacho High School students to better and perfect their French. Its doors are open to all; both French and non-French students.

Our main objective as members of French club is to have fun and learn simultaneously. Through French club, we are able to correct each other in both grammatical and oral skills. By improving these two key skills, we are prepared for both National Exams KCSE and International French Exams (DELF). We also get to use French in other businesses such as social sites, for communication.

Officials 2010-2011
Chairperson: Esther Kibore .
Vice: David Chelimo.
Secretary: Wesley Ngichabe
Treasurer: Wakariti Githinji

Past Activities
In the past, French Club has been responsible for earning the school dozens of trophies annually, from both the National Music Festival and the National Drama Festival. We have also managed to scoop the best actress award two consecutive times courtesy of the outgoing Vice Chair 2010, Winnie Too. (F4)

Ongoing Activities
Currently, we are preparing our play for next year’s (2011) drama festival. We have started these preparations in advance to avoid last minute rushes that leave many disorganized.

Future Activities
We hope to host two major activities in the future - ‘ Jour Franzais’ (French Day)and a French contest. We would like to launch the ‘ Jour Franzais’ (French Day) in Sacho. On these events, members and non-member French Students will showcase various exhibits of French culture such as French art, poetry, music and cuisine. Also, we aspire to hold a French contest here in Sacho. For the contest, we will have various stages and categories such as narrating stories, reporting news, playing word games and solving puzzles in French. We hope to invite various Francophone schools to participate, enjoy and learn.

Way Forward
The way forward is to strive for excellence in the French language. We will achieve this if we are able to siphon our energies and utilize them creatively.

Quality leadership is key to the success of our club. We believe that we can achieve this by equal distribution of responsibilities to develop both the club and our characters.