Innovators Club

The club has been running on well under the leadership of their patron, Mr. Chepkwony and Abraham Mellita, the club’s chairperson -2009/2010, before handing over to Mellita Tenges. Elections are held and the aspirants vie fairly each given an equal chance.
The club was started back in 2008 and will be celebrating its third anniversary this year.

We aim at maintaining the socially accepted codes both morally and spiritually, in a school community and a home set up. The club also presents contemporary issues comically thereby bringing humour to the students. We look forward to having partnership deals (collabos) with other clubs such as: Journalism, Straight talk and others.

We purpose at instilling a symbol of quality in creative art and through such efforts we believe that we will develop and all round student.

Officials: 2010-2011
Chairperson: - Mellita Tenges.
Vice chairperson: - Samson Arita.
Secretary: - Jonathan Kimutai.
Treasurer: - David Brian.

Past Activities
We have performed in formal functions (national holidays, prize giving ceremonies and notably during the launch of the school’s strategic plan). At one time given a chance to represent the school at Tenges at a Madaraka day function and we thank the school administration.

Ongoing Activities
We are organizing for a script for the English drama festivals -2011.

Way forward
We would like to be supported and be provided with necessary resources. We would also like to move our venue to the dinning hall for a spacious place.

Running of the club:
Fairness, equality, integrity and openness are our pillars that we greatly cling on. We are a non-profitable club charging only KShs. 50 for registration and decisions made openly.