Wildlife Club

The club has been active for the last many years due to the efforts of the students and the patron of the club in ensuring order in the club and planning the way forward.

Club Objectives :

  • To have an annual theme.
  • To obtain committed and punctual members.
  • To ensure that there is environment conservation within the school and even around the school.

Officials: 2010-2011
Chairperson: Victor Kiprop.
Assistant Chairperson: Hope Kiptis
Treasurer: Duncan Temo.
Secretary: Derrick Koech.

(i) Past Activities;
- Collection and disposal of litter in the rubbish pits.

(ii) Ongoing Activities
- Creating awareness to the rest of the school about the importance of wildlife

iii) Future Activities
- Buying more rabbits
- Organizing more trips based on wildlife conservation.

Way forward
The club should always remain active. The club should obtain committed members who are going to cooperate in all that it takes to be members who are going to cooperate in all that it takes to be a member of the club.

How best to run the club.
i) To ensure that there is close cooperation between the patron of the club and the officials and subsequently the rest of the members.
ii) To come up with projects and themes that will guide the club on activities to do.
iii) To exclude those members who miss club sessions after warning them twice.
iv) To fulfil the promises made by either the officials of the club or the patron.
v) To create an account and keeping clear records of funds raised by the members.