Debating Club

The club was founded in the early 1990’s. The patron, Mr. Ogwali Etonga is still going strong. Every year, we have an election for all officials, including the sergeant –at-arms. The officials are chosen by all members. Every year we grow in size, we discuss all aspects in our lives; be it politically, socially, economically or culturally. The last three years have been having girls chosen as chairpersons and as the years go by, we have achieved the dreams of the club-to be equal in representation.

Club’s objectives:
Our main objective is to bring out the character strength of a person, help them polish their spoken language, argumentative and analytical skills.
We are always determined to be the best club in school.

Officials: 2010-2011
Chairperson: Cherono Murgor Beryl
Vice- Chairperson: Kipkorir Lawrence
Secretary: Maloba Dismas Juha
Treasurer: Doreen Amina

i) Past Activities: We have had innings and outings to different schools. In such times, the club members of the day get to learn some debating techniques from other schools and they borrow a few tips from us too.

ii) Ongoing Activities: We are hold meetings every Thursday evening where we meet as Honourable Members. We not only debate on issues affecting the country, but also the world at large.

iii) Future Activities: Our hopes are raised high towards having the best debaters in the country coming in to the address the members. We believe that from these people, each of us gets a mentor and aim at achieving more than the person has done.

Way Forward:
The way forward is to make the club more interesting because we are the best

Running the club:
The running of the club is a matter of each stockholder in the club. The club is of course a free and independent body like parliament but under the careful eyes of the officials. Funds needed by the club are not hard to come by since all of us pay a membership fee every term and have an account for the club.