Journalism Club

The club was started in the early 90s but re-energized in 2006 as a new patron, Mr. Chepkwony, took over. The club has been active since then. It was established with the aim of empowering students to be responsible and confident in what they say, write and present as news items to an audience.

1. To ensure that information useful to the society is disseminated to members effectively.
2. To keep the Sacho community updated on the latest issues and discourage activities that negatively affects them.
3. Produce hardworking journalists to serve the nation.
4. Encourage people to know and utilize their talents.
5. To change the people’s perception on journalists as a whole.

Chairman: Chelgut Samson.
Chairlady: Faith Cherry.
Secretary: Faith Mammet.
Treasurer: Collins Pius.

i) Past Activities.
• Organized tree planting sessions.
• Organized the ‘Mission Okoa’ for the Sacho Community.
• Published the school magazine ‘The Star’
• Attended Journalism functions in other school like Moi Girls Eldoret

ii) On-going Activities.
• Keeping the Sacho Community posted and updated with the latest news and entertainment.
• Re-facing the school magazine formerly known as ‘The Star.’
• Organizing essay competitions.
• Organizing the “Shinda Smart –Predict and Win’ promotion for the ongoing football tournament.

iii) Future Activities.• Organizing a talent show.
• Organizing educational tour to Media houses.

Way forward.
With total commitment from the members, there stands a high chance of taking the club to a new and high level..

How best to run the club.
1. Total commitment from members.
2. Putting in place different desks to deal with different sections of the information needed.
3. Being strict on the membership fees to ensure enough finances for the club running