Science Club

Started in 1994, most of its members have participated in the science congress (according to the past school magazine, 1994).

The motto is: ‘Let Sacho Shine in Science’.

Objectives of the club:
• Prepare the students for up coming science congresses
• To have best performances in sciences

i) Past activities
Participation in science congress which involves exhibits, quizzes, talks and demonstrations.

ii) Ongoing Activities
Field study and research, revisions, group discussions, quizzes.

iii) Future Activities
? Pointing at weaknesses and putting appropriate corrective measures.
? Solving problems affecting members

Way Forward
To find solutions to science related problems.

How best to run the club.
Seek help/assistance from teachers of Science Department and by maximum co-operation from the members.

Officials: 2010-2011
Chairman – Isaac Aura
Secretary - Josphat Maiyo
Treasurer - Rhao Ondari