The Young Farmers Club

The Young Farmers Club trace its beginning on the day the school administration officially introduced clubs, as part of the Co-curricular activities of the day to day activities of the students, to help the students mature their talents.

Our objectives as a club, is to ensure that, we impart our members a knowledge or even skills to carry our farming in their future life and also to let them know the general basics of farming if they didn’t know.

The Young Farmer Club is made up of three officials that is the Chairperson, the secretary and the treasurer of the club. The Chairperson is Sergon K. Micah, the secretary is Dan Kiprop and the treasurer is Joan Jebet. They hope to provide quality and productive leadership.

The Young Farmers Club has had few activities in the past. For example, they had organized to learn how carrots are grown, which had been done by the then form four (2008 candidates) at the school farm. Currently, the Young Farmers club have a lot to do , for example they are looking forward to visit the school Kraal or the school diary to learn the preparation and the process of milking a cow or rather cows, and many other activities, In future, we look forward to keep hens of our own at the school farm.

So far so good, we have had few activities few activities but of quality and resourceful and we are hoping to do a lot as the days go on.

As the officials of the club, we have discussed that, every Thursday 4.15 pm- 5.00 p.m, we meet together with our members and discuss issues we need to know about farming. Seriousness will be the driving factor so that we ensure that all members are active and participating in the agenda or discussions.