Straight Talk Club

This is the new kid on the block at school. It was formed as a result of a visit to Kabarak High School by a few students. It is up and coming and presently, it has over forty members. It aims at helping the youth to solve and evade problems and issues that might cause them harm.

The club’s objectives:

  1. Help the youth at achieving moral and social enlightment, hence enabling them to make better decisions.
  2. Promote and develop speech skills among the youth
  3. Create a bold and confident generation of teens without fear of echoing their thoughts to controversial issues in their society.
  4. Promote good relations between different students from different schools.
  5. Helps the youth in finding answers to some of the problems that face them through discussions and exchange of ideas.
  6. Mould the youth into principled and respectable people in the society.
  7. Bring out leadership skills among youth.

The officials of the club are:
Chairman- Ian Anzabwa
Chairlady – Annabelle Olando
Treasurer- Gregory Nyamongo
Secretary – Sharon Chebet

Currently, club members are engaging in robust discussions about issues and problems, the world faces. We then come up with solutions to these issues.

The club intends to indulge in straight talk events held at other schools. It also intends to host the event with Sacho High as a venue.

The club is to remain active and with the cooperation and support of its members, this will be achieved.

By raising issues that will make the members open up and actively participate in the sessions.