Community Social Responsibility

Sacho High School like any other organization whose growth is dependent on the neigbouring communities, it gives back .through corporate social responsibility in many ways.

Annual Tree planting exercise
In a way on conserving the environment, the school has every year set an annual tree planting day done by the school workers. This goes along way in creating a microclimate for the school and the sorrounding neighbours.

On the left, students in annual tree planting within the school compound, on the right, the principal is assisted to water a planted seedling by a the regional forest manager.
2000 seedlings were planted that day.
Provision of water:
The school pumps water from Remo river and offers to the sorrounding villages (Koyorus, Kabarak and Tungururwa).

Medical Services

The school dispensary has over time provided free medical services to the people living around the school in conjunction with the ministry of heahth. We have got two medical staff employed by the school serving the sduentd and staff as well as those from outside. The ministry of health provide medicine to the dispensary.


Food donation Programme
The school provided food to the old and those not able within the sorrounding villages. Kiptagich villages benefited from this programme last year.

The principal addreses the members of the community during food donation exercise dubed "Mission OKOA" on a Moi Day.
The schools provides scholarship to the needy students in Baringo County through endowment fund.